What do you do?

What do you do when your little one is napping? I’m really lucky that Ronnie has always been a good sleeper so i’m keeping my fingers crossed that baby no.2 is the same.
I do find myself trying to come up with business ideas or ways to make money while he is asleep though! I seem to be doing this more and more at the moment.

The original plan after having Ronnie was to go back to work but the cost of childcare vs my wages just wasn’t going to work for us. So we decided that I would stay home and raise Ronnie.
This didn’t come with out massive guilt! I didn’t want to put massive pressure on Scott and I also didn’t want to let Ronnie down.

I am always on the hunt for something new and exciting to help me and my little family to be able to have a nice holiday or a little treat from the shops.

So please feel free to drop me a message with what you guys do!

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Happy Anniversary!

So yesterday my husband & I celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary! It’s crazy to think how quickly those past 2 years have gone.

In the last 2 years of marriage we

have had an amazing honeymoon to the Maldives & welcomed our little Ronnie. We are now also expecting baby no.2 who is due September.

To celebrate we took Ronnie to the place where it all happened. The Royal Berkshire Hotel. It is such a beautiful hotel and the staff can’t do enough for you. Ronnie was fussed over which he loved and could run around the grounds.

Happy 2nd Anniversary Mr B!

Start of the Easter weekend!

What a beautiful start to the Easter weekend!

We planned to meet up with some friends of ours so we could have a catch up & take the dogs for a walk over at Cabbage Hill, Bracknell. It’s such a beautiful place to walk the dogs and is buggy friendly which is an added bonus!

I follow a business called @beanandfizz who have a little tuktuk that serve fresh coffee and hot drinks! They had said on their social media pages that they were heading over there today so we had to go & visit!

It’s a great little business, we will definitely pop along and see them when they are there again!

They are so friendly! The doggos got a little biscuit treat which is always a bonus & they had fresh water for them which on a hot day like today is always lovely to see and appreciated.

Let the sunshine continue along with more family fun this weekend!

How do you cope when your little one is poorly?

So recently Ronnie has had yet another cough and runny nose! Is it just me or don’t you just hate it when they are poorly!

I did the typical modern day mum thing and used Google to find some home remedies that might actually help the poor little pickle!

I am happy to report that honey seems to help! On my findings on Google I found that children over 1 years old could have honey to help with a cough. It is recommended that children under 1 dont have honey! I believe this is due to the bacteria that it can carry.

So I decided to let Ronnie have some warm water and honey in the morning with his breakfast. Safe to say he loves it and on day 3 of having his honey and warm water his cough is slowly disappearing! Hurray!!

Fingers crossed this is my little go when the little pickle gets a cough!

Speak to you soon x

Hello! A little about me.


Well where do I start! Hi! I’m Elaine and i’m 33, I am a stay at home mum to my gorgeous 1 year old Ronnie & i’m due my second baby in September!

We have a Goldendoodle called Ellie who is a big ball of fluff! She loves nothing more than going on muddy walks & having a good sleep in the sun! She loves my dad as he spoils her rotten!
We are very fortunate that we live close by to Swinley Forest so when the weather is good we pack Ronnie in to his backpack harness and off we go!

My husband & I got married 22nd April 2017. So we are approaching our 2nd wedding anniversary this coming Easter Monday! It’s amazing how quickly time goes especially when you have little people.
We got married at the Royal Berkshire Hotel which is a stunning venue for anyone looking.
I do wish we could relive that day again. I love nothing more than to look through our photos and remember all the amazing people we had there and the great joy it brought to us both.

Before having Ronnie I worked full time in an office. I had a mixture of roles that I did. I was employed to be an office manager/ sales coordinator. I really enjoyed my job and the social side of work but unfortunately things didn’t quite work out when I had Ronnie to be able to go back. So hence the reason I am a stay at home mummy!
I love being at home with my son but I am one of those people that always wants to do better in life! I’m hoping by starting this blog I will be able to interact with other mums and come up with some great ideas whilst staying at home and potentially earning an income! That’s the dream!

So what will I blog about? Good question haha.
I’m thinking I will mainly blog about my life. The journey we go on as parents. The good times & the bad! Its a tough job that we do but we wouldn’t change it for anything.

So feel free to drop me any messages about what you’d like and I will do my best 🙂

Thanks all! I’ll speak to you all real soon x